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                                                                              Rebecca D.

"Sabrina truly has a gift! She is not just one who is trained in Reiki therapy, but she is one with healing hands. She takes great care to go above and beyond in creating a relaxing and nurturing environment for her clients. She is absolutely wonderful and her attention to detail is unlike any other.


I had booked her for a Reiki / Sound Therapy session right before I gave birth in hopes to calm my nerves, and also relax the baby so that the birthing process would be easier on the baby and me.

We did a night session and every moment was perfect.


Sabrina transformed my room into a beautiful oasis filled with rose petals strewn all over the room and bed. There were candles everywhere making the room look so angelic, and the aromatherapy scents elevated the beautiful energy of the room. The baby in the womb was also pleased as he moved around my belly in unison with Sabrina's Reiki movements!

We finished the session with a beautiful Oracle Card Reading which was on point with all the current stresses I was having and helped to provide much needed guidance. Several weeks later I had a home birth and delivered a healthy beautiful baby boy in that same room. My labor was easy, and the delivery fast! And, I gave birth to a baby born in the sac- very rare and special.

I believe Sabrina's sacred cleansing of the room, and the beautiful pregnancy Reiki session prior allowed for a stress free labor and even more magical delivery.


Mommy and baby are doing well. I highly recommend Sabrina's therapies and especially recommend her for all mothers to have a Reiki/Sound Therapy session before birth to help ease the birthing process.


She is simply amazing!"

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